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Welcome to Max's Moments

Hi! Welcome to my spot in the world.

I'm Max the Pug. I want to tell you about some interesting, entertaining, and maybe some educational stuff here.

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What Color Choices Say

  • RedIncreases energy and heart rate, creates excitement and stimulates the appetite.

Best for:  Dining rooms.


  • Orange- Adds comfort, warmth and cheerfulness, but too much can bring about feelings of 

Best for:  Living rooms and family rooms.


  • YellowBrightens mood and promotes welcoming and joyful feelings; increases positive thinking.

Best for:  Poorly lit foyers and dark hallways; buttery shades of yellow for living rooms.


  • Green- Most restful color. Reduces nervous system activity and muscular tension, calms and 
    relaxes, offers reminders of nature.

Best for:  Living rooms (light greens); accent for kitchens and dining rooms (mid-tones)


  • Blue- Promotes feelings of calmness, security, tranquility and cleanliness; lowers blood pressure, 
    cools a room and serves as an appetite suppressant.

Best for:  Bedrooms or any restful, peaceful area in the home. 


  • Purple- Boosts creativity, imagination and meditation, but can have unpleasant subconscious 
    responses. Many adults dislike purple on walls, particularly lighter shades of purple that are 
    perceived as more youthful.

Best for:  Children's bedrooms and play areas.."



"Color is always a very personal choice," Debbie Zimmer of The Rohm and Haas Paint Quality Institute adds. "So color choices can be subtle. A color doesn't have to be McDonald's yellow or Red Roof Inn red to be noticed. It can be a derivative or a subtle tint or tone of those particular colors to create the warming effect buyers want in a home."



Happy Fall!

Max with his best bud, Bewley



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